Onsite and Virtual PD

Drive systemic change and accelerate student growth by bringing personalized professional learning that builds capacity and enhances practice to your school or district.


School Change Framework

The Inspired Education School Change Framework is a model for whole school improvement, based on our four pillars: System Leadership; High Impact Classroom Practices; Culture, Collaboration & Coaching; and Implementation.

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Build capacity around the six driving forces of instructional leadership — implementation, focus on learning, student engagement, instructional strategies, efficacy, and evaluation of impact —within an easy-to-follow, multi-stage implementation model.


High Impact Classroom Practices

Understand the instructional practices that reliably increase student learning when practiced consistently and with fidelity. These practices support teachers at every career stage and provide strategies on how to adapt each instructional practice to different learning goals, individual needs, and school contexts.

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Culture, Collaboration and Coaching

Develop an infrastructure around instructional coaching through a series of contextualized and goal-focused impact cycles that will improve collaboration, instruction, communication, and student learning. Learn to implement a culture of collaboration across all stakeholders within a school.

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Put collaborative learning and collective efficacy into practice as you continue to engage in professional inquiry cycles designed to build student agency, increase impact and efficacy, and maximize student growth.